Printing of flexible part

i am looking about manufacturing flexible wedge for ultrasonic purpose with properties close to water or product like rexolite .

i have discovered elactic 50 A and elastic 80 A .

do you know the acoustic properties of these products

Hello @jmp01,

Thank you for your question on resin acoustics. We do not have test data on vibration or sound speed on hand; testing would be up to you.
You can always reach out to Support if you need other data on our resin properties, as well.

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I need a small part like 20 x 20 mm thick 5 mm to run one test

can you provide me to carry on a test?

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Hi @jmp01,

You can request sample parts in various resins here: Request a free sample part. As Jen mentioned, feel free to get in touch with Support if you have other specific questions about the material properties of our resins. You may also find our Material Data Sheets helpful.

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