Printing Miniature Figures Tough 2000 v Tough 1500

G’Day Folk$!!

I was wondering if anyone had direct experience with Tough 1500 resin and/or Tough 2000 in the realm of miniature printed figures. Think Warhammer style and scale. I just received my FormCure…like an hour ago. I have successfully cured a print made with Tough 2000 and my figure still broke after dropping it a couple of times on the hard basement floor.

I was wondering if anyone had used 1500 to print miniatures and what the result was since it is supposed to have more “springiness” and may be less rigid than the Tough 2000. I myself haven’t tried Tough 1500 yet.

Also, how long post-print/post-wash should a print “dry” before moving on to the FormCure machine for post-curing?

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.

I too would like to know what is the best material for printing a 35mm miniature figure that can survive a drop on the floor from table height. If anyone has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Based off of Mr Sorrell’s feedback, I think I would probably start with the Tough 1000 material. Thanks in advance if anyone can provide their feedback.

Until Formlabs release Tough Sparta 300!

Use the printer to make a mold, and then spoon some latex material like Flex Seal in to make a rubbery part. Or try the rubbery FL resins. You don’t need a small figurine to be particularly rigid, it just has to hold its shape.