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Printer status API


I’m working on the plugin to integrate status of printers into 3D print shop’s CRM systems, such as Salesforce.

It seems that Formlabs actually provides an API to retrieve printer status. But I can’t find much information about it.

The best resource I can find is in this tutorial: It doesn’t have much documentation on the API endpoint and input/output.

So my questions are:

  1. Does Formlabs have a public API to provide access to printer status? If so, where can I find more info about the API?

  2. If not, does Formlabs have plan to build/open such API in the future?


I would recommend contacting the support service, they will tell you everything in detail


Hello, did you get any updates on that topic? Thanks.


@kennethjiang I don’t have an answers of your question. You need to contact printer service center. They will guide you more.:wink: