Print with infill specs

I everybody,

i work with 2 kinds of 3d printer, FDM and SLA form2 and i think the addition of infill option with possibilities to change spec
would reduce the printing time as well as the quantity of material used like FDM process.
obviously this would require the addition of pressure relief drilling, an option allowing the choice of the diameter of this drilling and their position. the choice of this position could be done manually as the addition of supports in preform?

This can and should be done in the CAD software used to design the parts to begin with. Preform is a splicer not an editing software and I personally think it’s important that it stays this way, keeping the software “simple” lets developers focus on the main features.

Alternatively, meshmixer can work on STLs to make infills and there are other solutions like nTopology Element which has a free version that allows to build lattices based on an imported part.