Print on bed

The ability to turn off first 5mm layer bloat would be nice.

Are you referring to printing the supports/raft/base? You can print directly on the platform, simply do not create any supports and hit print. It is not recommended, however, for many reasons.

This can only be done in OpenFL with creating a custom .ini file at this time or editing the FLP layers within Python. But it is limited to the Form 1 (+).

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After reading your other post I can see that I misunderstood this one. I’m glad @DavidRosenfeld was here to bail me out with the correct answer :+1:

earlytimesexpose = 50 ; The number of layers that will be exposed earlylayerpasses times (excluding layer 0).

Would be nice to hit a button that turned that to earlytimesexpose = 5, without the need for OpenFL

Maybe one day it will be that easy. For now, we have OpenFL. It is mighty powerful. I almost dare to say we can do more with OpenFL then what can be done with PreForm. We have all the control we could want or need, well maybe almost. It just takes time to figure out the details.

It is just not as easy as hit a button and out pops the results.