Preform Windows Recent Menu bug

Does anyone else’s Preform do this? Mine has for as long as I can remember (which is many past revisions of Preform). Note the right end of the first line of the Open Recent submenu. The submenu isn’t wide enough and the windows keyboard shortcut keystroke hint is overlaying the file name.

Looks ok on mine, are you using a larger display font?

I do have another issue with that same submenu though, if you click on it (which should be allowed rather than waiting for the submenu to appear) the submenu appears then disappears… Most frustrating!

No to the Font question. Windows 10 standard install.

Sorry the screenshot image didn’t jump out at me at first - just looked and see what you mean on your image… I notice the path is included and yours is a LOT longer than mine (longest in my list is s:\3dprints\stl\drip-fixture-hol2.stl) - so yes I guess it needs a bit of work - clearly can’t be unlimited so I would suggest the developers truncate longer entries with “…” at the start/end or something which will expand as a tooltip if hovered over it (a bit like the Recent files in Excel), possibly?!

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