PreForm old versions remain in "Remove Programs" (Windows)

Today I went into my “Add/Remove Programs” Control Panel (Win 8.1 x64) for an unrelated reason, and saw this:

I let PreForm do its proffered in-place upgrades, rather than manually deleting older versions first. But then I’d expect the process to also remove the old version from “Add/Remove Programs”. Manually uninstalling any version in the list will uninstall the current installed PreForm, and the remaining versions (even the current) in the list will respond with “Program Already Uninstalled”.

All things considered, this clearly doesn’t affect app performance, but isn’t coding nothing if not elegance? :slight_smile:

I have noticed the same thing. I just never bothered to report it.


I’d never noticed before (should probably cycle through my installed programs more often). In any case, I’ve forwarded this to our Software team to make sure they’re aware.

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