PreForm 2.8.0

In release 2.8.1 can you please add the ability to turn off the “manipulators” you guys just added. I personally really, really don’t like it. It is not better or more efficient. I liked the ability to drag my part into the orientation I wanted it in.

Assuming it is staying, this should be a selectable option so old timers like me could use the way it has been from day 1.

I do like that the flavors of resin have the Vx and your internal name in brackets. That is good.

While I wait for you to make the new manipulators optional I really look forward to seeing how much better the tops of my prints are or I am going back to the previous version.


I also wait now urgently for preform 2.8.1.

Please change the following points:

  • preheating of resin selectable in the settings
  • make the manipulator also selectable in the settings.
    I want to see my parts again correctly and not with the manipulator in the foreground

How long we have to wait for these supplements ???


Put me in the boat of wishing I could turn manipulators off. I can see how some people might want these, but I will never use them and really wish I could turn them off.

I like the manipulator ball, but don’t care for it to be right on top on my part. I have run many CAD software’s that have the manipulators on the edge of the window it works just fine.

This is the perfect reason why it should be optional.

I second that… It is nice… Just not right on the part you are trying to work with… I have already accidentally rescaled a few parts, Luckily I caught it before sending to the printer.

Put me down as well for making manipulators optional. Unless I missed something, there’s no display to show how many degrees you’re rotating/scaling something, and no modifier keys to reduce it to a finer/snap resolution of motion. With all the emphasis on precision in this discipline, especially since a difference of scant degrees makes or breaks custom support success, this type of adjustment is far too gross and imprecise. I appreciate the effort, dear coder(s) but it’s too misdirected, and a focus group might have helped here.

Seeing as how the Formlabs printers are geared slightly more towards small model builders created in Blender and the like, perhaps exact precision is not key for them, but in my business (like @Volguus said) precision is key. I’ll stick with the exactness of numbers. As I said earlier I see how some people might want these, just please make them optional!

  • Kevin

I love the functionality for orienting parts and for rotating the Z-axis. Three cheers for not having to re-open the Orient toolbar and lock the X/Y axes. I also like being able to rearrange parts without opening the Layout menubar. Still, I’d love to be able to toggle the manipulator off, as so many of you have suggested! As long as it doesn’t disappear forever and I can’t find it again… sometimes it gets in the way of a detailed part where I’m trying to inspect and pay closer attention to my settings.

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I agree. If I were supreme leader of the world, I would add under the main menu:

 View -> Show/Hide Manipulators      Ctrl + M

That and cure world hunger. You can even leave it enabled by default…just as long as it can be turned off somewhere, somehow!

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I would like to simply do away with having to touch the keyboard to Pan the screen. Instead of SHIFT+RTClick can it be more conventional like RT+LFClick or RT+ScrollClick?

Being honest right here, I didn’t even know about Shift + RT Click. I have been using the scroll wheel to zoom way out and way in again to accomplish this. Other apps such as Photoshop use spacebar + click n drag to accomplish this so I personally do not see a problem with it, but again I am used to it. I agree shift + RT Click may not be super intuitive, but I had no idea it even existed. Hopefully I will remember it!

Make sure you power cycle your form1/1+ - my machine threw errors until I did.

I too, hate the manipulator and want to turn it off! Or at least parts of it. Like the scaling. I don’t like scaling the part when I meant to move it.

Please add the functionality to turn OFF manipulators. Its difficult to take good screenshots with them in the way.

Thank you Formlabs for making the manipulators optional!!! :grinning: