PreForm 1.9 and Windows XP compatibility issues

In PreForm 1.9 we upgraded much of the user interface framework to a modern and powerful toolkit that will enable us to implement exciting and otherwise impossible features in upcoming releases. Unfortunately, incompatibilities between this framework and certain Windows XP graphics drivers have resulted in some users being unable to use the latest PreForm.

We take these issues very seriously, and the software team is currently hard at work looking into possible solutions. We’re eager to make this work, but the likelihood of a fix is not certain, especially given Microsoft’s inability to continue supporting the XP operating system.

While we investigate the graphics compatibility issues, PreForm 1.8.2 should work on affected systems. Windows XP users may download and install PreForm 1.8.2 for Windows. Apple users utilizing older operating systems such as 10.6.8 also have the option to download and install PreForm 1.8.2 for Mac if unable to launch or operate PreForm 1.9.

As always we appreciate your suggestions, input, and feedback on features as we move forward making PreForm better.


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What about us with new computers with lots of house power but can’t use 1.9?


Feel free to email us at with your OS and graphics card information, and a detailed description of the problem and we’ll be able to help!

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