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Goodmornig, I tried to print a few provisionals crowns with C&B resin Nexdent in OpenMode and setting Clear. They were oversize , more or less +10% . So I tried to print a precision test with a cube 20mm x 20 mm. This is the result. I attach picture ! Thank you very much. Roberto.

I don’t see a picture, but would be interested in the results.


Hi @DIEFFE - Unfortunately when using 3rd party resins, there’s a major risk that you may not get precise results. When we make Formlabs resins, a ton of engineering effort goes into tuning the material to the Form 2, and a lot of calibration and validation work to ensure that users get the results they need. As you can see, without this, results can be highly variable.

I definitely saw this over my years with the F1+ and F2, as Formlabs tuned its own resins (with the Grey v3 being one of their masterpieces). Years ago, before buying Formlabs, I conversed with a well-established competitor that used SLA for their line of printers, and they explained how much time went into each new resin, when I asked how soon they would offer the resins I needed. Even switching release materials (FEP, DPMS) in the tray will influence these parameters. With B9, Glidewell did their own testing to improve results, and that factors into the new Kulzer white-box of the B9 Core. I am happy to pay Formlabs $400 for a cartridge of SG resin (from NextDent) because of all that behind-the-scenes work, except that I don’t need SG, I need the Ortho Clear. I assume that the holdup on FL releasing the Ortho Clear in a cartridge is based on workings within the corporate world, not on research. It is not Formlabs fault (except that they are trying to provide a great product for the common person, instead of jacking up the price by $6500 like B9 did when white-boxing through Kulzer (which, frankly, is a very fragile company, though Chinese funding is helping them portray themselves as serious contenders).

If third party resins for dental are a high priority for you, probably you might be interested in getting a form1+.
Open mode is fully present there, including the API that lets you adjust your laser settings until you can precisely cure the resin of your choice. This is a time consuming task that requires coding skills though. With the form 2 open mode only really allows you to use resins that share the same curing properties as formlabs own line of liquids. there is no option to tune the laser parameters outside of the formlabs presets. For this reason you can only use formlabs resins or third party resins that are formulated to work with the presets that come with the machine. Such resins come marketed as formlabs compatible most of the times. The only option that you have here if you still want to try to achieve better results with this particular resin in this particular machine is to change the resin parameters and try them all one by one: clearv1, clear v2, clear v3, tough v1, tough v2, tough v3, castable v1, castable v2, castable v3, etc… until you hit some good results. If you ever do please come back and share as this sort of information can be a game changer for other users. Hope that this helps.

I know, you are right. But now Formlabs doesn’t produce Provisional resin and we need to work by it.

I already tried different settings , but it was wrong. This is a long and hard way. I hope that new resins and settings will came soon. In the meantime I ’ ll share all my progresses !
Thanks so much to everyone.

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Hi Dieffe
did you found a solutIon on your problem with nexdent C&B resin??? that will be mine problem in the next week…

if you use now other 3rd part resin fot tempoiraries could you share with us your knowledg???

thanks in advace