Pouring resin out to extend tank lifetime?


Just swapped tanks - here’s a picture. You can see some spots on the left where the bond between the gasket & film is starting to peel away.

I usually check the bottom on all my tanks before starting a print and sometimes tanks will have little, small bubbles like this but they don’t increase in size (or at least not in the same time frame).

The bubbles on this Tough 2000 tank have been getting bigger over time and one of them is getting really close to the edge so it’s time to change. I’ve never actually had a tank fail and spill (knock on wood), so I don’t actually know exactly what the failure mode is, but I presume if these bubbles get bigger, it will start leaking. Probably not all at once, but slowly.


That’s valuable info, thank you so much.
I imagined It would be some sort of holes in the printing area due to wear and tear but your explanation does make more sense.


No problem! Hope it helps others.

I’ve never seen age of tanks actually impact the printing area.

I’ve seen pin holes in the tank which cause small leaks - you end up with “blotchy” looking spots on your tank if you view it from top down. This is usually caused by excessive cupping and peel forces, which is usually a user error.


This is great!


Thanks for the pic!
I’ve changed my first tank (Tough2000, it was long overdue) some weeks ago but due to repeatedly failing prints so I assumed it was that. The silicone layers was rather scratched (normal use) and I guessed this was causing failures. I kept it.
It doesn’t show that failure at all… So I’ll extend the benefit of the doubt next time.

I’ll use this check for my Elastic50A tank.
It’s at 392% (!!!) and still printing perfectly (14 prints, 90h printing, 4200 layers, about 650ml resin)
I do not however dare to leave it stored in the printer