Post-cured part resistance to IPA?

I was wondering if anyone had tried submersing a post-cured 3D printed part within IPA.

I have a magnetic stir bar for a custom washing station, but have wanted to replace it with a custom impeller.

I remember reading that one shouldn’t leave a partially-cured print in IPA for too long, but I don’t recall reading anything about a print that’s been post-cured, and was wondering if anyone has tried this.

Washing for too long is bad because printed parts begin to absorb IPA, which causes them to swell and soften. I’d imagine that leaving a printed impeller in IPA indefinitely would have the same effect.

Maybe you could use the printed part to mold + cast a replacement impeller out of a different material?


Hi @MrCruz,
I can confirm a post-cured part left in IPA will eventually turn into a blob of goo (technical term).
As @MattKeeter says, the parts begin to absorb IPA, and over time it melts away.

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I can do subtractive manufacturing with proper materials, but figured I’d ask first in case there was something to learn.

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