Polycarbonate like mix

I have a project to do that the customer has requested that the finished product be a s close to clear polycarbonate as possible in appearance and yet not be brittle like the stadard clear resin would be. I though about possibly mixing clear with tough to give the art some resiliency, but without getting too soft due to the flexible nature of tough. Has anyone made such parts, and if so what resin mix and printer settings did you find to give the best results?

There’s someone on the forum that’s mixing 50/50 with Tough and Clear and he’s been happy with the results. I’ve been meaning to try it myself, as I find Tough too soft for my application. But I’ve used MadeSolid’s Vorex resin with excellent results. It’s like a harder version of Tough. I think they make it in clear, though I’ve only used orange and black.

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