Please add a part sectioning tool to Preform

In adition to the Form 2 I own, I also have a Stratasys Fortus 250mc. I upped my purchase at the time from the Dimension series of printers, to the Fortus line (even though the dimension 1200 and Fortus 250 are the exact same machine), simply because of the software.

The Insight software (their version of Preform) has many capabilities, that are not available to the Dimension series. One of those features, is the ability to section parts, within the preprocessing software.

Sectioning a part in CAD is tedious, at best. Because, in order to do it correctly, you simply cannot just “cut it” you really need to model in features to locate and orient your new sections. In addition to making the bonding of the sections easier, it also adds surface area, and dimensional variance to increase the bond when you adhere the parts.

Within the sectioning tools of the Insight software, is a tool that allows you to quickly cut a part by dropping a line/plane across the part… but when it actually makes the cut, it creates a mirrored tescelation across the cutline, that you can control. The "wavelength and amplitude are user controlable.

In the image, the wavy surface you see is created by simply placing the sectioning plane, then telling it the size of the regristation features you want. It applies these to both sections, to make bonding them together, fool proof… and it creates a considerably stronger bond than a simple cut.

This feature would be invaluable if you could add it to preform (or maybe an additional piece of software.


SO agree to this. Formlabs I promise you, you will make money out of this feature. I would print 10x more if I had a simple foolproof way to print larger models that actually fit together.

Nothing more to add. Just hope this makes it into the software at some point. It will be to the advantage of everyone.