PCB case dimension error

I’ve been developing a case for an Arduino board with daughter board. I’m using the holes on the Arduino to secure the board in the case. The distance on the long axis between the Arduino holes is 50.8mm. I’ve been able to reproduce this precisely on a FDM printer. I was surprised though that the Arduino board didn’t match up with the mounting pins on the version of the board I printed on the Form1+. I was able to file down the pins and make it work but the distance between pins was somewhere between 51mm and 52mm. I’m wondering what the cause of this might have been.

The case was printed at an angle along the long axis to fit in the available print space and used supports. I used white resin. MIght this have been a calibration problem? What are the other possible causes?

Search the forum for calibration instructions. One user made a great method to calibrate the printer.

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