Option to print with previous version of supports

Any way we can have an option to print with the prior version of supports in the software. I have to use the prior version of preform to print my models because the current version cannot print my hollow cylindrical models without a lot of internal supports. These models most closely resemble a syringe. The only problem is I cannot use the old software with the new tough resin unless the settings are close to some other prior materials.

Hi Joshua,

Sorry to hear that support structures in recent versions of PreForm haven’t seemed to work as well with your models. Unfortunately, we will not be re-introducing the old support structures in future releases. The most recent support structures seem to work better in the vast majority of cases, and so we don’t feel that it’s worth supporting (no pun intended) both versions side-by-side.

Re: trying to print using Tough resin with an old version of PreForm – the different resins’ settings vary a lot and I think that the chances that you would have a high-quality, successful print with alternative material settings are low.

I am a bit surprised to hear that the old structures work better than the new ones on models with large hollows. Models with large voids in particular tend to be handled better by the new structures. Is there anything else you can tell us about your parts, and why the old structures seem to do better?


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