OpenFL and PCB Etching

Just wondering if anyone out there has been playing with PCB Etching via OpenFL? Any tooling / tips / process recommendations?

There was a thread opened here but it didn’t get any response, and the Youtube video linked in it now shows “Unavailable”.

I was really excited by the quality of the proof-of-concept print shown in the initial announcement, but haven’t really seen any followup.

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I did the etching in the picture. (It was my first time etching PCBs.) The script I used is which converts an image to a .flp file. That can be sent to the printer and run. If you are going to play with it I recommend getting a pack of blue photosensitive paper that develops in water as they are inexpensive and develop instantly. Let me know if you have any issues. We are trying to expand the documentation and examples to cover what people want to use it for.

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