Not sure if Resin in tray is V1 or V2?

There is grey resin in the tray and we have both a v1 bottle and v2 bottle. Not sure what the best course of action is but is there a way to test if the resin is v1 or v2. Should I print something the v1 wont be able to print?

I would try to look if one is darker than the other. Maybe the only difference in the resins are the amount of pigments?

It’s possible. The resin in the tray I have a strong feeling it is version 1. It is pretty transparent for grey so maybe v2 they added more pigment? I guess I’ll just have to let it run it’s course then scoop out as much and pour the v2 in.

I put white pigment into my white resin and it will only print now if I set it to grey or black! The results are nice! I would not be too worried about it - Formlabs is a bit of dramatic when it comes to this settings.

It prints fine on v1 setting, so will assume its v1. What sort of pigment is that? Might be good for adding to the grey.


…it just works great! :smile:

I’ve been stupid! It’s actually clear I have V1 and 2. Grey I just got v1 bottles. Problem solved! :smiley:

Marcus, do you have any images of your prints with added pigment?

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