New Form3 Tank leaks material into printer ! What a desaster


Its a Magna, not sure if its allowed to post that here.


Same Problem here my prints came out with waves and after making an update of firmware and software my last test print came out pretty bad so I start checking the printer I got the resin tank out and surprise it was leaking resin under the tank and the LPU with resin all over and this printer only have 1 week of use.
Contacting support.



Have you identified the source of the leak ? the black join of the resin tank ? a hole in the film ?


yes is the join. Regards.


Was this before or after the latest firmware update (1.4.4)?


This bad print that i show in the picture and the leak of resin from the resin tank was after the firmaware update. And yes it was 1.4.4 December update.


we received our swap unit today.


just to add this is what I found in the tank and what I don’t know is how to clean under this frame and under the rollers, also the tank only have a week of use and have not been manipulate so for what I know it came like this from fabric.
Formlabs team have contact me and they are helping me with the issue very happy for how fast they answer.


Fun Fact: due to the capacitiy shortage last days, I needed to distribute a job to 2 machines: Form 2 and Form 3.
Same Material (durable) same Layer height (50microns) same parts, same arrangement…
The only difference is the recalcualatet support structure for both printers, nothing else is different.

Form 2 print finished the job in ~13hrs.
Form 3 didnt finished the print yet, but its getting close to 24hrs now.

I definitely regret to have pruchased the Form 3 over the Form 2 !


The fact that the Form 3 printer is much slower than the Form 2 is discussed in the following thread.


Durable in particular is a lot slower. They just haven’t optimized motor speeds yet


Why doesn’t the leadscrew have a splashguard?
Hindsight 20/20, i know…


the $20,000 machine?


Yes, the full setup with wash and cure unit is even more.