New Castable Wax 40 for Jewelry folks?

You are correct, due to the material be more similar to an injection wax as far as feel. The material and its supports are quite soft and thus as you go higher on the Z-axis it can shift if not supported properly. I would suggest adding supports on the sides of the model as well to add stability. I know as jewelers we want fewer supports, but I can assure you these supports are soft, they come right off with little to no effort. If you would like to cut them, the blades slice through the supports like butter to leave a small excess to file away after the cast as well.

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How was the casting with the castable 40? I am deciding if I should get castable 40 or bluecastx10. Please give me your opinion. And also thank you for sharing your previous post I appreciate it.

I’ve seen great casts with this new resin. However it doesn’t seem to be printing with very high definition on certain geometry.

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Casting has been good. I have noticed a few things that seem to occur if the prints are not used same day. There seems to be shrinkage in the prints. The smaller the print the more shrinkage I’m experiencing. In the example below, shrinkage was around 11%. Has anyone else noticed this? Also the print changes color and it also becomes very brittle.

@PatrickDiggins Any thoughts? Should the prints that have been siting out for 1 week still cast properly?

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Thank you.

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SO Sorry for the delay, Yes depending on a few factors there can be shrinkage of the models. Over-washing in IPA, excessive curing and even letting the models sit for a day or longer can all lead to some form of shrinkage. The amount of shrinkage will depend on the item itself (how big vs small) We have a document we are putting together to review the shrinkages and why it happens. The short answer is because of all the wax. My suggestion is to cast immediately, the same day as you print.

Hello sir. Did you have to buy a universal cartridge to print with your blue cast x10? And also what FORMLAB are you using? I have the form3 what format should I use? Do I have to even purchase a universal cartridge? Thank you.

Hi kat what cartridge and format are you using to print with your blue cast resin?

Hi, I’m using the form 3 with a grey cartridge v4. Also I’m using the grey v4 resin setting. Make sure you order the primer. You will need it. I have only had luck printing 3-4 items at a time. When I try to print a full platform it fails about 75% of the time, in my experience.

Gotcha. Thanks for the fast reply appreciate it!

We have tried printing and casting some parts with Castable Wax 40, but the results are not good. The surface has significant roughness. It was done by a casting house so I don’t know the details of the firing schedule. Material is bronze.


Thanks for sharing

I am using Castable Wax 40 and I’m facing major shrinkage issues. How can I avoid that? Need urgent help

Cast directly after printing.

Man its shrinking 10% in an hour. and I’m getting casting outsourced. The time it takes to cut the support, its already decreased in size.

did u use uv light? u mean 1hour uv light?

excuse, do u use universal cartridge with bluecast x10?

My Form 2 won’t print the Castable Wax 40. I have worked with the techs at Formlabs but couldn’t resolve the problem. I get good results when printing the purple Castable Wax but the castings aren’t as good as I would like .
Is it possible to mix the purple Castable wax with the Castable Wax 40?

Try bluecast x10. Makes great prints and casts well.

I was told that Blue Cast X10 wouldn’t work with a Form 2 printer. I’d be interested in finding out more about this.