Need a gloss finish on Black parts

Hey There,
I am trying to achieve a glossy finish on parts that are printed in standard Black resin. The parts have been Form Washed and Form Cured, but I need to be able to give the parts a glossy black appearance.
Any suggestions?

Clear Acrylic spray paint.

Hey Randy,
Thanks for the reply. Any particular surface prep or primer?


Well, now you mention it probably, yeah. It’s hard to get good coverage with colored paint on an unprimed print. The paint wants to pull away from any sharp point or corner or edge, and those features tend to have bad coverage as as result. Multiple coats takes care of it, but you can end up with more paint in other areas than you want.

Forget what I said. Prime it with black primer, then paint it with gloss black paint. Forget about the fact that you started with black resin.

Though since it is black resin, if the paint wears or chips, the exposed areas will still be black. :slight_smile:

Hey Randy,
Thanks for the reply and the advice.
Take care!


Use color resin and only use the black pigment. This gives a similar glossy look as the old “black V2”.