Name for types of internal honeycomb structures

I am trying to find a repeating pattern of latice/honeycomb type support for the inside of larger models. I am looking for something more multi directional than the standard honeycomb used in FDM printers:

But more along the lines of this:
or this:

What is the general term for this sort of matrix? I would like to find a decent 3D file that i can use to fill the inside of models after shelling them.

lattice structures is what I would call those. Not sure if someplace like thingverse or grabcad has something like that or not. but should be pretty simple for someone to model up in CAD.

I am hoping to find the specific terms for various styles of this lattice. I want to do some research on the various styles to learn what works for better for supporting twist vs crush forces etc. I figure someone has done some research on it somewhere so I don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel. I just can’t dig anything up because I do not know what to search for.

Most of the filament 3D printers have that built into the software or the software that generates the build. I had a Solidoodle II and it had that kind of fill. I was surprised that the Form 1+ didn’t offer it as an option on large solid builds as it would save a lot of resin. Only issue is you would have to make sure the walls are thick enough to stand on their own otherwise they would be wavy.

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Trying to remember back to my metallurgy days, the name is dependent on the shape. In terms of metals, there are two main types of lattice structures, cubic, and hexagonal which I’m thinking you’re interested in the hexagonal type. I seem to remember there are different types for each category, such as simple and face-centered lattice structures…but it’s been too long to remember the difference. But, if you did a search for “crystal lattice” you might find the shape you’re looking for.

The hexagonal core in your top illustration works just fine for crush in the direction of the cell axis, and is manufacturable. The XB-70 used a stainless steel version of that. It can be found in aluminum, too. For corrosion reasons, F/A-18’s use a Nomex version of that in their horizontal stabilizers.

Nothing comes to mind when I think of twisting loads.

I have a skull that was printed on a commercial power type printer (sorry… the name of the process is escaping me). I will have to grab a photo of that. Talking to the guy who designed it, he said it was a pattern included with their pre-processing software.

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