My Kickstarter Campaign- Thanks to Formlabs!

Hi all,

I posted this as an update to my sunglasses prototypes in this forum showing how well my form1 + printer worked. I am re-posting here because I thought it might get more exposure if I started a new topic. Please accept my apologies if you read this twice or if this is against some rule (if so, I am sure it will be deleted). Anyway, here’s my shameless KickStarter campaign plug, which commenced this morning. I am well over 50% of my goal and am ecstatic!. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at my Sunglasses campaign for Charlie V; unique sunglasses with a “twist”:
Thank you for your consideration!



Very thorough KS campaign for a simple but effective re-imagining of an every day product.

Well done Gerard!

thank you Brandon!

Congrats on making your goal! Great video, by the way.

Thank you, sir!