My first project with form2

Heys, this is my first project with my form2!. I kind of realized a bit later on that its probably a bit ambitious the cool thing is, even though there were some difficulties here and there, overall, things have come together really well, I’m around the 60% mark printing out the outer shell at the moment.

It was created as part of a 3D concept design tutorial Ive been working for LinkedIn/ that got published recently at the end of march.

Which mainly covers how to more easily think about starting and modeling some nice organic forms and take them through the process of detailing them up enough to be printed, the model from the outset been designed to be diced up and printed on a form2 and I’m most of the way through printing out my reference model that was used to validate the design and model created for the course.

screenshot of concept model in fusion360

This was one of the original concept models before we went full whale on it :wink: at this time it was more spiky alien spaceship lamp, but my girlfriend (and the producers) thought it looked a bit suspect! so i updated it & added some fins etc… I liked that it was more sculptural and suggestive of a sort of swimming / diving sort of shape / form people could make up their own mind what it was… anyhow…
It was always going to be a LED light that could be controlled via a smartphone so these are some concept renders to help pitch the idea.

white light 1

white light 2

blue light


so jumping ahead after a few design iterations…
This is one of the concept renderings done of the more final model in fusion360. (renderings not covered in the course though)

A screenshot of the underside of the base/head end model

A test print of the same in the new f3 matte gray

A screenshot / render of the design inner frame that holds the LED strip controller and the light strip

The first gen inner frame with all the inner frame parts printed, assembled and powered up for the first time.

some of the tail fins when they came out of the printer

the main parts for the outer shell of the tail end printed and clipped together

complex curvy detail view of tail fin join to tail, it fitted back together well without any glue (second time, first time it came out a bit warped)

tail top view printed assembled without glue to check it fits back together well

The main outer shell body parts printed and clipped together - no glue yet

some of the parts that I’ve printed sofar…



WOWSER! That is very cool. Very impressive.

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Hey Derek thanks! :smile: much appreciated!
There’s still a bit of work to do with printing the base, it’s almost there!
cheers! Carl

The first photo with most of the peices printed and clipped or lashed together to test its balance etc
Powered up for the first time with most of the main shell parts and the inner frame

To get a sense of size It’s over 60cm high…


some other movies of me tweaking the colors and brightness etc around :arrow_heading_down:


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Different texture / paint / illumination / translucency tests on failed or old superseded prints


Love this. Any new shots?

Hey @toecutter
Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been on an epic ~3000km road trip up north to swim with whalesharks and escape winter but am back now.

All parts are printed and I did a mock up to check they fit together ok, I’m just looking at different paint/finishing options at the moment before I paint it up and finally assemble it :slight_smile:


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Where did you swim with the whale sharks? That’s on my bucket list!!

Hey @katkramer we swam with the whalesharks up in the Ningaloo reef near Exmouth in the northwestern part of Western Australia.

Went from Fremantle -> kalbarri -> carnarvon -> exmouth -> coral bay -> monkey mia /shark bay -> Geraldton -> pinnacles / Cervantes -> back to freo

I posted some footage and photos on my Instagram here -> carlos_kii :+1:

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We were really lucky to get 7 dives on the day, the photos from the photographer dude on the charter boat are here too if your interested to see

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That sounds absolutely amazing…I’ll check it out! We have them off the coast of Texas, at a place called Flower Gardens, but I can only imagine diving there would be a real treat! Thanks so much for sharing!

The gulf coast of Texas is pretty nasty and brown. But get out a few hundred miles, and things turn blue like they should be.

Hmmmm…time for a whale shark 3D model! Maybe fiber optic spots? :smiley:

I share with you all lovers of the sea my favorite YouTube video. True Facts About the Mantis Shrimp!

Yeah to the whaleshark model!! Sounds cool with fibre optics!! Could be a bit fiddly connecting the fibres but probably worth it in the end I love the silhouette shape of whalesharks too!

I highly recommend swimming with them if you get half a chance, don’t wait a year or twenty to tick it off a list , just do it asap!. :wink:

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