My 3D Prints have Air Bubbles! Help and Tips Please,

Hello Everyone

I am new to Foamlabs, and I just received my printer last week. So far the prints are turning out ok, but there are little issues with all of them. So I haven’t had a perfect print yet, but I am still playing around with the positioning of the models and settings. But one MAJOR problem I am having are big air bubbles appearing in the solid prints. I will press down on a piece and it will be soft and then breaks open?? Sometimes clear liquid pours out, I am thinking it maybe the Isopropyl Alcohol?? The alcohol I use is 99%, maybe it is too strong?

Have any of you had this problem? If so any help and tips would be great :smile:

I have pasted a picture of my poor little robot’s head with the cracked open air bubble :frowning:

Thank you

Is your model ‘shelled’ (e.g. hollow)? Solid monolithic parts are hard to print well.

Hello Christopher

Thank you for the advice, yeah the robot’s head is solid. I was actually wondering
if making the head hollow would help.

I will try that.

Thank you

Remember you’ll need a way for resin to escape as it’s drawn upward, plus you dont want it to pressurize an edge-sealed volume with resin when the platform engages the PDMS. e.g. it needs to breathe.

Oh for sure, thank you for the tip :smile:

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