Mush like surfaces being printed


Can anyone help me understand why certain surfaces come out mushy?

I’ve added images and videos here -

If I leave it under light for a bit, it hardens but obviously the surface isn’t smooth or great to look at.


Can you upload a screenshot of how this model is being oriented in PreForm? Surfaces printed parallel to the build platform can have some issues with unevenness. Otherwise, there might be an issue with underexposure which can be caused by a few things, the most common being tank clouding.

What printer are you using? If it’s the Form1/1+ then it’s likely you need to clean the dust off the lenses.

But also, for something like that the print will need to be angled, and try to reduce the number of supports. Unfortunately the Clear material also has the biggest issue with bleeding of the laser through the material, so the underside of prints will not look as sharp as the rest of the print.

I am going to take a few guesses here.
You are using a Form 2.
The surface above the mush is the raft.
You printed at 100 micron.

Do other prints come out fine?

We need more information to be able to assist.

Using the Form 2

Orientation images are attached.

Dimensions of piece

82x154x71 mm

The tank is new, only used for 500ml so far

You need to angle the part more, and also you can probably get a better distribution of the support structure, it also looks like you might have some unsupported areas.

The closer something is to being parallel with the build surface, the more issues it will have printing.

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