More diagnostics when preform fixes geometry on load

When Preform offers to do some fixing for me on load., I would love to see some basic diagnostics in a console printout or something just to indicate what it did. (filled holes, flipped faces, etc).

Sometimes software I am using to check topology outside of Preform says there are no problems, and then Preform says there ARE problems. It would just be nice to have some context on what those problems are before agreeing to let preform fix them. And then, after the fact, some information on what (even generally) got fixed.

They are using NetFabb for repairs so I would download a copy of Netfabb Basic and run the Standard Analysis function. It will tell you what Preform is repairing. You can do the repair in Netfabb too where you have a little more control over it than the auto repair in Preform. Netfabb Basic is free to use for non-commercial projects.