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Many thanks @ChristopherBarr for your stair-step calibration gauge and spreadsheet. (And thanks to @JoshK for his work on the cubic scale test).

I picked up the Form1+ as a tool for my jewelry business. As you can imagine, proper cailbration is going to be essential to my needs.

Printed with FormLabs White resin, 100um resolution.

Average design Variance: X: 99.68%, Y: 99.53%, Z: 101.27%

My settings are now:
Scale: (Change for every model, every time)
Form1+ Fine Tuning: (Change once)
X: 1.570%
Y: 1.714%

Here’s a graphic that might help anyone else use these tools:

A couple of notes in case you release a v.2.

  1. Clearly marked X, Y and Z. Especially since FormLabs strangely reversed the traditional X and Y

The Y-axis of the Form 1 and Form 1+ is the direction from “left to right”, or hinge- to-peel, across the build platform. The X-axis is the front-to-back direction.

2.Reduced supports, perhaps. I’m not sure where the balance is between calibration integrity and sheer effort. :slight_smile:

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