MoonRay S vs Formlabs Form 2 - Any Thoughts?

Good day. I’m a proud new owner of a Form 2 Machine and as with most owners money is obviously not the greatest concern when it comes to printer prices and acquiring valuable tech especially if it can be used to generate additional capitol or push a project forward. So my question is what is the professional communities thoughts on the MoonRay S and this type of technology that claims to be 10 times faster than the Form 2 and has one best in CES 2017? Am I missing something? Has anyone used one of these yet? Should I pick one up also?

I just find it so suspicious that there is not one video on youtube for the S I mean who releases something with such fabulous claims but doesn’t even make a youtube video?

I was seriously considering the moonray. I sent them a file to prnt and the quality was not so great. Don;t know if they just had an issue printing but when i told them about the issues, they really did not have an answer. Concerned me about support etc…

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Since it’s not out yet, I would wait and see

Just a note–when the first Form1 printers released, the print results were not good, it takes time to really improve.

I can look at the images and tell they have some quality issues also, @arthurr43 did you send that recently because there is a difference between a MoonRay and a MoonRay S.

FYI those images are supposed to come from the new product, I’m a stickler for detail and I can spot a few things. At least they didn’t show something sent to from Shapeways as theirs though lol

Would you be referring to the garbage fire that is the NexD1 Kickstarter by any chance? What a mess.

“Unbelieveable” “Incredible” “Too good to be true”

Yup, all of that with a side of fraud. Solid entertainment.

I can look at the images and tell they have some quality issues also, @arthurr43 did you send that recently because there is a difference between a MoonRay and a MoonRay S.

It was about 2 months ago. Assuming moonray. they did not mention a new version at the time

Resolution goes up = build size goes down.

Build plate dimensions are pretty small too…one side being 3.5 inches.

Could you elaborate on the NexD1 printer? I’m a supporter but if it’s a scam I’d like to know!

Sounds like it’s a scam! Go back to kickstarter and read the comments ASAP and make your own mind up. I was also going to pledge but haven’t given the scepticism…


I’m going to give it a few more months to see how things play out, since they don’t charge my card for a long time from now.

It’s yet another dlp printer. Small build area and resolution isn’t all that great 1200x800. What I like about Formlabs printers is the laser works on a tool path so your outer edges are nice and smooth because they are drawn vrs a projected image per slice. Romanoff has a nice DLP printer that is much higher resolution but the sticker price is higher too just shy of 10k or so.

I would think if a DLP vrs Laser both using PDMS peel system that the laser would have less wear and tear since you could do a shell and under expose the inside layer that can be post cured outside of the machine. Whereas do you have that kind of control when just flashing a layer on via dlp?

you might want to be careful with any money you comit to this thing, check this out in case you haven’t heard:

sounds like a complete con from the get go - if you watch the machine print in the few examples it always looks like the model is behind the print head rather than beneath it…

I’ve been watching this KickStarter campaign fall apart the last few days. It’s been pretty fun to read all of the comments, specially from @KevinHolmes. I really am hoping it will dip below $200k tonight. I’m doubtful, but hoping. I am really surprised KS hasn’t stepped in yet.

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@MattHoover - they will charge your card when the campaign ends - which is less than 2 days from now.

Moreover - you have no protection on the purchase, card companies DO NOT refund failed or fraudulent crowd funding purchases.

I’ve been watching also!

It looks like an ipad in a box, I just wonder if it was a scam from the beginning or they genuinely hoped to make good on it?

Well the good-natured person that I am hopes they were trying to make good on it. Maybe its true they are just all engineers, pushed too early into a KS campaign. We may never know for sure.

Overall the pledged amount has been steadily dropping, however I’ve seen it go up a few times as well. I can’t believe people are still buying into it at this point.

@MattHoover Get out while you still can!

Oh my.