MoonRay S vs Formlabs Form 2 - Any Thoughts?

You could build your own, this looks interesting:

There is a sketchup file of the machine too. looks like it uses 80/20 extrusions. I do like the idea of no peel because of top exposure.

I like the idea as well. Probably will increases dimensional accuracy as well. The tough resin in the formlabs printer is very sensitive and deforms easily due to the peeling steps.

I’m still wondering, how accurate is the Z axis? Isn’t it challenging to keep the liquid at a certain height?

Did anyone see this? It might be in another post above…it’s from one day ago INOT ABOUT MOONRAY).

And here’s the original article that details the whole NexD1 fiasco.

I think they started ambitious, got some money invested. Then found out it didn’t work as expected so started a small lie. Then to cover up that lie, they ordered some prints and lied some more. This happens a lot with too ambitious projects and unexperienced engineers(and scammers, but I give them the benefit of the doubt that their intentions were good).

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A moderator posted a response (sorta) on their website’s forum.

Are you going to publicly show your printer in action on video made “from hand” and not as that controversial stop motion?

Not any time soon. The Kickstarter campaign has been suspended. The Next Dynamics team and investors are waiting for answers from our founder/CEO Ludwig Farber.

Thank you for your interest and support. We are regrouping to deliver on the promise of multi-material electronics printing. We will have more substantive announcements soon.

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I actually had the same question about the MoonRay S vs Formlabs Form 2 but it looks like you guys answered it haha!

Anyway, it being May 2017, how long do you guys think Formlabs will still support the Form 2? The reason why I am asking is because I am getting ready to purchase one but would hate to see them announce something better on the 8th.

Please give me as much feedback as possible. Thanks!

I saw that the store near my apartment start selling moonray. So, i check their spec and price. OMG, it is more expensive than form 2 and technology of form 1. It is so ugly. A huge hat as cover, where you need two hands to handle. No wiper to sweep the tank. You have to pause work to pour resin in it. That means there might be a small x offset during the build. Smaller build. The only thing for it is throughput if you print a lot at one time. After reading through the spec, zero interest in it. Form 2 is still number 1 in SLA for home.

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