Monday Funday: Post Your Works-in-Progress!

Hello wonderful forum people!

I had the idea last week to make this kind of thread since there are so many projects all of us are working on that are really cool, but may not necessarily warrant a full thread – at least not yet! Even some of us here at Formlabs are a little reticent to post projects until they’re complete and nicely photographed.

Well, now we have a place to post WIP prints and projects! Feel free to ask for critique or advice, or to just show off a teaser for your next big thing!

To start us off, here are two of my projects I’ve been working on the past few weeks:

Sadly, not playable. Yet. :stuck_out_tongue: Printed at 200 microns mainly to see if I could. It was printed in 6 body pieces and 5 pieces for the Pokeball (to make painting easier).

I have a thing for giraffes (this is the 4th one to grace my desk so far) so I maaay try to turn this into a full-size one eventually! This is also the same giraffe of Designing Your Models For Printability fame. It’s hollow with 2.2 mm thick walls and two drainage holes at the base. Printed at 50 microns.

What have you been printing? :smile:

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This isn’t a ‘Work-in-progress’ nor is it mine… However, it did come off of my machine! My girlfriend found it here.

She, taught herself how to printed it, then finished it with sandpaper. I think she did a really good job sanding it enough to be smooth but stopped before it looked all uniform, giving it a stone look. It holds soil and water perfectly and also has a really cool mounting system!

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