Mold Making Bottom Plate

So I have been trying to learn how to make molds recently, and in this video She shows that she made a bottom plate for the octopus, I have never seen this before, anyone have any info on what exactly this does and how to make one? thanks so much!

I’ve done a small amount of resin casting. From the video it looks like her bottom plate is serving three functions.

  1. It holds the master in place as the pours the silicon to make the mold.
  2. It creates channels in the silicon mold that the resin can flow through into the cavity during casting
  3. it create the reservoir on the top of the mold that will be filled with resin before the mold is placed in the pressure chamber

To cast this mold, they rubber band the parts together and fill the reservoir with liquid resin. The mold is placed in the chamber and air pressure is applied, forcing the resin to move from the reservoir through the channels, and into the mold cavity.

As you’re learning about molding and casting, i would recommend looking to see if there are any artist workshops or makerspaces near you. They usually offer classes in make silicone mold for resin casting.


thanks Michael :slight_smile:

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