Modification to support structure - add breakpoint

I’ve seen a few posts elsewhere about adding defined breakpoints into the supports so that they are more likely to break away from the model, reducing the risk of chipping a chunk out. Essentially this just necks the support in shy of the model, nothing more.

Of course, there would probably need to be a patent search first…

Part of the reason for the supports is to keep the print stable and it can also help to keep a thin part from warping as it cures, it’s probably best not to try and reduce the integrity of the supports. If you want to avoid damaging a print while removing supports then there’s some techniques you can do even with the provided cutters that can avoid that, like turning the cutters while cutting slowly.

Thanks, I think I’ve been working with SLA printers for long enough to understand the function of supports.

You’re clearly not following that for high-resolution small models there is the need for a large number of supports anything that reduces the risk of damage to the model is beneficial. FYI if Envisiontec. and B9 didn’t think there’s a valid use for it they wouldn’t have wasted time providing it.

Cutters are very, very crude tools, even when used under a scope and fractures propagate.

I like that idea. I have had times where supports with this feature would have saved me some headaches.

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I’ve been printing a very large number of high resolution small parts and I don’t have trouble removing the supports without destroying the part. Many parts already have a problem with breaking off so making them even weaker would just cause problems.

FYI–just because some printers do something some way doesn’t mean they all should.

Again, just because you do not understand the issue does not invalidate it.

Try to understand that not everyone is using the printer for the same applications as you - instead of doing your usual “it’s not a problem for me so it can’t possibly be a problem for anyone else”. Persistently behaving like a troll is helping no-one, least of all yourself.

I’m not trying to troll you, just because you disagree you can try to measure your response rather than being outright hostile when someone tries to make a helpful response. If you don’t find it helpful, then ignore it.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Minimizing and simplifying the cleanup process is always one of our main goals. I’ll relay this to our print process team to see what they think.