Dimples where supports attach to print

I was wondering if theres a good practice to avoid the dimples caused from the supports on the model. Im trying to avoid the sanding and cleanup. I started curing my prints with the water tank and UV lighting and that works super fast and gets rid of any stickiness. Now im trying to figure this dimple issue.

there is no solution… cutting the supports occasionally results in the support fracturing below the level of the model surface.
you can reduce the incidence by literally CUTTING the supports using a very fine saw blade on something like a dremel… but even then, the resin has a high chance of fracturing rather than actually cutting,

the best I have been able to come up with is to cut them proud, and sand to surface.

Experiment to find the smallest size support you can use on your prints. I found .35mm to be the best for me. Go too low and the parts will rip off the support base. Light sanding is all it takes to remove this size support point.

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I found sharpening my cutters and cutting a bit farther away and then filing them down seem to avoid that also cutting before it cures will be better

Thanks everyone. The software update seems to be a little more finicky about failed prints. I dont remember the last version telling me that as much. So I was nervous to start removing supports. Ill try making them smaller.