Model for check precision of the 3d printer

hi everyone

in your experiences. how form you recommended to print first to check precision of calibration of the printer?

a cube and sphere?

Hi all,

On that note too - if you print a 10.0 mm cube, and measure the dimensions of the printed cube with a set of calipers - what kind of actual dimensions should I expect?

I want to know, but I dont want to waste resin lol

I made a scale test for you guys, most importantly these 4 cubes are actually the same model. Think of it as corners of a huge cube. Therefore you can measure with a caliper across the outside and pretend it was a 10cm solid cube. With this you can check dimensions and scale of a large area for the low price of 4ml of resin.

That is actually very good (and very smart way to test accuracy).
Thanks for sharing, I may use it in the future. So will the calibration router allow to fine tune the accuracy?