Mixing colors?

I my Resin Cartridge runs out in the middle of a print can I mix colors of the same resin. In particular FLGPCL02 and FLGPBK02??

There are some who have mixed resins with various levels of success, (see this thread for starters) however it is very much recommended against as the different resins have different properties and can cause failures at best, or resin spills at worst.

If you were to go about mixing, you should do some research, use open mode and premix. Definitely do not just pour some black into a clear tray mid print. Very bad idea.

You mean switching resin type in the middle of a print? From clear going to black, it would not work.

Are you trying to do something like this (but with clear and black) or just trying to use up different resins?

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Yes, just wondering if I could switch resin colors in the middle of a print. Clear going to black. CraigBroady all ready mentioned that it would not work. David the part you have here is beautiful. Maybe it works because they are semi translucent colors?? Clear going Black is switching to an opaque.

Thank you.

I think what Craig is really taking about is that due to the cartridge and vat sensing, the printer will kick an error and prevent you from continuing. If you experimented in open mode, I gather you would get something to print. It might not be optimal results but I believe you will get something to print.

I created the colors with clear resin and rit dye. I started the print (raft and initial support layers in clear. This way, I minimized any mixing of colors. Then I had syringes with heavily dyed blue, red, yellow, orange, and green (I think I got all of them…) I emptied the syringes in the 4 corners and in-between them while the printer was printing. As the layers progressed, the colors mixed with the clear base and each other creating the colors in the print.

I did something similar with black and I believe it was gray and or white (I have to search for the pics…) It worked just the same. The one big difference is that I did this on a Form 1+ so I didn’t have to worry about using open mode or the need to deal with a wiper. The wiper would have not allowed me to get the results I got as the only mixing that took place was from the parts moving in and out of the resin and the vat dropping and returning home.

I say give it a try in Open mode. The worst that can happen is you waste a little bit of resin. But like anything I suggest or do, YMMV and you do it at your own risk.

Typically you would not want to–the resins have different chemical properties and the print settings are tuned to those settings. Going from clear to black would be especially problematic because clear requires less curing than black so what would most likely happen is print failure due to the black resin not being cured enough.
It could also potentially cause resin to spill out of the tray since the resin level sensors depend on some of the properties of the resin and it could cause too much resin to be dispensed into the tray.

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