More Versatile Consumables for Colour Resin


I am an industrial designer working at a large consultancy.
We have multiple teams working regularly with the Form 2, and have been using colour mixing for various projects.
Our issue is that the current user scenario of the colour mixing resin is dependant on creating a full cartridge of a specific colour, which is incredibly inefficient as a working tool, as it requires sacrificing loads of material for every colour experimentation.
A few months ago we had to create final models for a large project which required mixing and printing a few dozen objects in roughly 10-15 different colours, but for most colours we needed only about 100-200 ml of material.
To counter the issue of using an entire cartridge and tank, we mixed colours in a separate container and used the printer in open mode while cleaning and re-using 3-4 tanks whenever colours were changed. It worked well for the results, but was far from an ideal work flow, and the alternative of buying 10-15 colour bases, kits and cartridges only to use a fraction of their worth was not an option. Of course the remaining colour can still be used for prints that don’t need a specific colour, but it is still a problematic basis, and makes the colour kit less desirable - compared to how much we love the results, and to be released from spray painting models.

I was wondering if there could be an option in the future for smaller cartridges that allow more versatility with material mixing, for example a 200ml cartridge, or a different means of connecting resin sources to the printer. Additionally, a simple way to clean and re-use tanks will help much as well. These will go a long way to make colour mixing more economically and practically feasible when needing to constantly mix and print different colours, otherwise we are forced to keep printing in basic colours and spray painting which is what we hoped to regularly avoid.

That’s funny, this scenario would work much better if Open Mode was really open. You could use heater, wiper, dispensing and override the “resin type” and dispensing restrictions of a cartridge to use it with more flexibility.

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That’s also true.
Open Mode feels to much like a risky, warning-infused thing, instead of an invitation to experiment and use the printer in a creative way.