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Meet Form Wash and Form Cure: Professional Post-Processing for Cleaner, Stronger Parts


I know what he was referring to. I was just having some fun. :grinning:


Ok I got a bit lofty. One day 3D resin printing will be as inexpensive as paper printing.
If you are not using your FL2 for business, this is an expensive hobby.


I’ll attest to that.


I just finished my first wash cycles. I’m very happy with the results.
One thing to note is how big it is. The wash took about 2 gallons of
IPA to fill it.


Finished my 4th wash cycle. This is the best no mess bath system as I barely need gloves; I slide the platform onto the WASH bracket and press start; 20 min later the print lifts up out of the wash. I can remove the CLEANest print I have ever experienced, after using the FL2 for over a year now, from the platform and place into the cure box.


Still no Wash here (EU) :frowning:


im so jealous I want mine now definitely am in the middle and have some bigger jobs coming


Just received my shipped notification. Can’t wait to give it a try, I loath washing parts because sometimes I forget to set my timer. :grin:


nice I wish I was you I truly need mine because warped parts are no good and I want to know whats causing them! wash and cure variables are a big part and ruling them out would be nice.


No comment on the delay right now for form wash orders to march? Possible production issues?


In which condition do I need the wath&cure ? Is it the must for every prints?


They’re not absolutely necessary, just nice to have. It helps automate things and they’re designed to do the finishing really well. But you can do fine with cheap options too
The printer comes with a finishing kit that has two containers that you can fill with IPA, fill one enough that you can submerge your print, wear gloves and swish the print around in it before dropping it in and letting it sit for about 10 minutes. After that, take it out and swish it around again. Ideally you’d put more IPA in the second container and then you would rinse the print in that second container which can further get rid of residue (the first container of IPA will become cloudy with resin residue and doing this can rinse that off).

For curing, I use this cheap method: Easy UV Cure Box for under $30


I agree with Zach. Hand washing works just as well (better for some prints, depending on your level of care) it’s just not as convenient.


I agree it is not necessary but if you are beyond casual hobby printing they make the process significantly easier and more consistent. We hand washed and cured with a low cost UV lamp previously but it can be a messy headache. We have been extremely happy with our wash and cure station, operating for over a year now.