Materials that need curing and washing

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I am seriusly thinking about getting a Form2, including the wash and cure.

I wonder if all materials (resins) need this. I am more interested in the solid color resins and I don’t know if the curing and washing is only for the transparent ones

Is there a table comparing this?


Curing and washing is recommended to all resin types. Post process is required when printing with SLA.
Otherwise you will get sticky parts, partially uncured that may warp or have poor mechanical properties.

You can get form wash and form cure or you can build one of your own. Anyway, you will need to post process the prints.


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Just note that the Wash/Cure are not absolutely necessary, it’s mostly for convenience and you can do just fine without them using the containers that come with the printer and making a curing box with the nail salon solution:

Excited to hear that you’re looking into getting a printer! After a print has completed, some of the resin is left on the surface of the part and the function of washing is to remove that excess resin. Curing is required for the bio-compatible materials, recommended for the functional materials as it improves mechanical properties, and helpful but not necessary for many Standard Resin applications.

thanks all for the comments

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