Measuring features within Preform

This would also be helpful in Preform just to double check that features such as holes are actually the desired size aside from just the overall size. I do realize that you could go old school and calculate the scale factor, but that’s assuming you have measuring tools at that moment in time. It would be useful to click to measure a feature, see the current value, input the scale factor, and measure again to see the updated value.

I know that under the scaling feature, the overall dimensions of the object are shown. However whenever I am developing prototypes and want to tweak an object by scaling a minimal amount (1-3%) in order to get the ideal fit between two separate mating features, it would be nice to be able to measure the mating feature within Preform and check that the scale produced the desired value. Rather than going back into my modeling program, scaling and measuring there, and then retransferring the model back into preform therefore redoing supports and so forth. This is with the assumption that scaling the entire object does not have a negative effect on the rest of the object.

Thanks for the suggestion - we’ve seen this a few times and are certainly keeping track. I’m a big fan of using Microsoft’s 3D Viewer or Netfabb Basic for this currently.

I know that it is not very accurate, but I use the grid in Preview to scale non-precise models. Each grid is 10mm square.