Material density of cured Tough V5?


does anybody have knowledge about the physical density of all materials?

I would like to calculate the wheight of my construction in the CAD application, and therefore I need to know these values. At the moment, I would especially like to know the densitiy for Tough V5 because the datasheets seem to not include this property. Thanks!

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@arusso, in this thread you said you’d get back with more information, do you think it would be possible to have them made public ?

We can all calculate the finite volumetric mass density of the cured resin but it would be so much simpler to have it in the TDS.

Yes, I think this would be a usefull information, even if the densitiy does vary a bit, maybe depending on curing temperature or whatever.

Thank you both for reaching out again! All of our solid resins are in the density range of 1.15 kg/L - 1.20 kg/L. You are correct that we don’t have this listed in our material data sheets, but hopefully this range is a good starting point for your applications.