Making model first print

I’m cnc programmer in Art-metal company from Poland , which produce street lighting and small architecture. Normally I create 3D model of casting form and make it on cnc machine. But my boss is a modeller :wink:
so I had to start make an elements of standard lamps and planes in 1:32 scale. It was very time-consuming and complicated (but not impossible as you see below - blue model) - it was impulse to by Form1.
In compare to pictures and movies of user’s prints my first impression was even more then great.
Below some of it - all in 1:32 scale
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foto of Siddley Puma engine

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They look good. Was that the Form1 or Form1+?

Is the blue part a casting based off the 3D printed part? Or was it printed directly in some 3rd party blue resin?

Really cool parts! I like the matchstick for scale-- it was a smart choice (much easier than looking up the diameter of Polish coins!)

These are nice. Are the models available to the public?

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@JoshK - I have Form1

@JasonLivingston - this blue one was made on cnc machine - by milling, I used very very small cone-shaped mill with 0.1 mm radius, I also made this engine on cnc and it look more sharper then this printed one, but it used too much time (preparation toolpaths and machine time) and I can’t mill this area inside, and few other limitations

@LucasRay - if you mean 3D digital model - unfortunately not - it’s reserved motif

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