Make sure your SLS materials are in stock

You can see our other issues with running Nylon 12 GF on the Fuse 1 under the support section, still waiting on the team to resolve this, but to add to the fact you cannot run under a 70% refresh rate (30-50%) advertised…it is now out of stock again.

We were told that after initial development and inventory that there would be no more delays in getting in material. This was true for the past few months as we were receiving Nylon 12 GF within 2-3 days after ordering. This was great.

Now we have our first PO’s for production parts and we ordered the material last week (7 days ago) and had to hit up support and they are saying its out of stock with no estimate on availability…

If you are going to lock in your machines to your materials…please make sure these materials are readily available.


Thank you for posting about this; I have gone ahead and notified our SLS team about this so that we can look into the matter further. I will reply tomorrow with an update once I have heard back!

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