Make Preform accept keyboard input in Resin dropdown box

Formlabs is growing an ever-expanding library of resins.

That’s great!

But it’s not so great when you need to scroll through this tiny little portal to find the one you want:

The pain is exacerbated by the fact that Preform ignores standard operating system conventions dealing with dropdowns. e.g. There’s no scrollbar I can grab on the right. Up/down arrows and PageUp/PageDown don’t work. I can’t even type the first letter of the resin I want to scroll the list to.

Can you please add some basic keyboard support to this dialog? I don’t need anything fancy; just scrolling the list to whatever letter I hit would be a big help.

I’m sure everyone who uses Preform would appreciate this. Even Formlings. So if you’re on the software team, think about it, you’d be an office hero!

Thanks and I hope to see this feature coming soon in a Preform update near me ;-).