Lowest ecological impact

As says in the Form1 documentation, a “proper disposal” is needed for a lowest ecological impact. Any idea of what to do with resin drops or residues ? Impossible, of course, to throw it in a sink. Thanks.

Hi Pierre!

Cured (solid) resin can be disposed of as common waste. If liquid resin is spilled, open a window for ventilation and wipe up resin immediately with a damp paper towel while wearing gloves. After completing the cleanup, leave the paper towel by a window (in a transparent bag if accessible) so the resin can harden and you can toss it away. Never pour liquid resin down the sink or toilet.

Thanks Jory. Any chance to get a resin  fully safe for environment ?  Apologize for my fancy English…

Hey Pierre,

We are indeed working on new resin products, but I don’t have any specific details. I recommend keeping an eye on our blog for product updates!


A veg oil based photo polymer