Disposal of un-cured resin?

So today I ended up with little pieces at the bottom of the tray, so had to scoop them out into a tissue. I realised I wasted quite a bit of resin doing this. Though after disposing was thinking how bad is this stuff for the environment to put in the bin un-cured? The towel was pretty soaked. Should I leave the paper towels in daylight for a while before disposing next time?

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I asked the same thing. The response I got was: put it in a ziplock and leave it out in the sun for a while to cure.

I’ve done it once and it seems to work OK.

Though what if you have no sun? :smiley: I think I’d like to know the environmental impact. Is it really bad to bin this stuff uncured?

Hi @Edward_Peretti and @David_Clark,

This is a great question, and one I often consider when working with my own printer. Disposing of cured resin is straightforward, but liquid resin is a bit trickier. As a chemical solution, it should be treated more carefully. Personally, I recommend that you cure liquid resin under light before disposing, but if you want to dispose of liquid resin, you should check with your local municipality.

Here’s a bit more information about caring for and disposing of resin.
You might also want to take a look at our Material Safety Data Sheets.

This should be helpful. Thanks again for bringing this question to the table. Other users might also have suggestions about their own disposal practices, as well.