Lost nozzle and motors stuck, urgent serious problem

Hi, I have put a new white resin cartridge in the printer yesterday evening and started a print for the night. When I came in the workshop this morning, the printer was full of resin and the print was stuck, I cleaned everything and discoverd the rubber nuzzle of the cartridge in the tank ! Since then the whole machine seams to be broken and it keeps saying “Motors jammed - Please remove obstructions from the build platform or resin tank and try again”. Checked several times, nothing to do, the different moving parts don’t seem to work together and then there is a terrible noise like the thread is sticking. What can I do ? Thanks for your help.

um- if the pinch valve came out of the cartridge… then a WHOLE LITER of resin dumped into your tank?

Did any of it overflow the tank? Or was it contained in the tank?

If contained and the printer does not need cleaning… any obstruction the platform or wiper arm can hit will throw the printer fits.

Number one- clean the platform scrupulously… and clean the bottom of the tank to ensure NO resin is stuck to it… even a single layer of resin bonded to the tank floor will prevent proper motor operation.

Secondly- Pour the resin thru a FILTER and if your OLD white resin cartridge is the same version and has not ‘expired’ you can pour the white resin into the old cartridge- it will give you “running low of resin warnings” but it should still work at dispensing resin for a print you have to get out today.

Thirdly- Unplug the printer and wait 30 seconds for its capacitors to drain… then plug it back in to re-initialize the printer- this should re-zero the platform and tank/wiper motors to de-baboozle the printer’s tiny brain.

Be aware that the most recent software update means that doing this will likely mean you have to re-connect the printer to your WiFi network if running wireless.

if this doesn’t work- or if the resin spilled all over the interior and exterior of the printer- then you have a much bigger problem on your hands and need to contact Formlabs support.

even if it does work- contact Support to have them replace that cartridge… if you can run the resin thru an old white cartridge- you end up with a free liter of resin for your trouble.

I needed to open it urgently as there was resin everywhere, trying to clean it up as much as possible.
By luck there was no resin in the electronics, but on a lot of mechanical parts and also on a light barrier. I managed to print to times after that, but know again it doesn’t work correctly again, I had to cancel prints several times.

Contact Formlabs, the rubber valve is the main issue that’s happened with the cartridges, they can help instruct you how to try and clean up the printer, or hopefully they’d take it in for repair/replacement if cleaning it doesn’t work.

Yes I contacted them and I must say that they replied immediately and try to help me out, but the repair will take up to 4 weeks. I tried other prints but the machine is really damaged and doesn’t work anymore.

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