Looking for a tank :)

Hi All !

Recently my tank felt and broke :scream: a new one + the shipping is bit too expensive for me, since Im a student I can not afford it… :cry: so if someone have a spare tank at a small price to ship in Canada it will be super awesome !! Thank youuu

You do know that tanks are ‘wearables’ and you will have this problem every 1.0ltr/1.5ltr, right? So what are you going to do when this ‘spare tank’ runs out? Stop using the printer?

I’m sort of missing the logic here. ‘Used’ tanks aren’t worth anything to you as they’ll have clouding which will ruin your prints too. Either that, or the tank is rather newish and I don’t know why anyone would take the effort of pouring out all the resin, thoroughly clean it and send it to you. Or, send one of their spare tanks (which are brand new) for which they payed $59,-

I admire your request, however, I can hardly believe someone will accept. As you’ve already found out, the Form 1/1+/2 is qiute expensive to run.

Having a similar request for one of the regulars here, I could understand. Sometimes there is ‘need for speed’ and he/she will pay you back later. Yet, you’ve joined the forum and immediately requested free stuff…

Anyway. Good luck with your request :slight_smile:

I have bough some sylgard while ago and still left for a few re-coating, Its 59$ I know that, but maybe, just maybe, never know, someone dont use it or have spare or dont want to re-coate it… still hoping, have a good day :slight_smile:

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