Looking for a Form 2 (North America)

As the title says, I am looking for a New or Used Form 2 in North America, more specifically in Ottawa, Ontario. Please contact me if you have a printer in mint condition for sale.


I am selling my Form 2. It has less than 50 prints on it and is in excellent working condition. Everything included in original packaging.

I also have black, grey, and clear resin cartridges in various fill levels with tanks.

I am located in Virginia.

All in: $3200 + S&H + paypal fee


Thanks for the information Rturk3. Can you tell me why you are selling the Form 2? Can you elaborate on what you have printed with it? Can you tell me approx how much resin is left for each? This information will better help me gauge my offer.



I forgot to ask how old the printer was and if it was still under warranty.



Hi rturk,

Where are you located in Virginia? I am also located in Virginia near the Virginia beach side.


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