Local distributer BS'd me into buying a new printer (F2)


My 2nd printer recently failed - terrible frustrating and very poorly timed.

When the F2 failed, I spoke to my local vendor. They collected the machine and later decided the problem was big enough to rate a replacement machine (what they call an “RMA”). I explained that I was in a pinch and my vendor was clear that he had NO REPLACEMENTS in stock. Furthermore, I would need to wait up to 2 months for a replacement from the USA. That time frame didn’t work for me, he encouraged me to buy a new machine and wait for the replacement. I had no choice so, I bought a new machine.

Then… only 1 week after my new machine was purchased and delivered, an employee called and says “we have 3 RMA machines in stock, pay $1500 now and we will deliver tomorrow”. We were shocked! Apparently they always have 2-3 RMA machine on hand for quick replacement.

“WHAT??” I cant believe it but its true. I was manipulated into buying a new machine (my 3rd in under 2 years).

My F2 Printer Sad Story:
-1st machine (Neat Sasquatch) failed after just over 12 months. A resin valve failed to close, resulting in my machine being filled with resin, destroying the machine. RMA was approved and delivered.

-2nd machine (Outgoing Skunk) is the RMA replacement for Neat Sasquatch. Outgoing Skunk lasted less than 8 months before the CPU failed. Vendor collected the machine ($40 fee to pick up) and confirmed that another RMA was approved by Form Labs USA but it would take roughly 2 months for it to be delivered. I asked if there was a faster way for a replacement, there was not. Waiting 2 months for the RMA was too long so, acting on that information, I purchased a new machine.

-3rd machine (Quiet Caribou) is a NEW machine. It was delivered and installed pretty much immediately after Outgoing Skunk failed. I purchased this printer ONLY because my vendor told me it would take about 2 months deliver. This is where I was scammed.

-4th machine is the RMA of Outgoing Skunk. My vendor’s employees tell me that “Oh, we typically have 2-3 RMA machines on hand for quick replacement”.

Clearly, the business owner scammed me and failed to share this game with his staff. Caught red handed.

Look guys, I’m a US Marine Veteran, a Small Business owner and I work hard for the American Chamber of Commerce here in Thailand promoting American business values. Look me on on Facebook Greg Boudah I am a key person for American Business in Thailand.

These type of shenanigans reflect poorly on Form Labs USA and American Business overseas. The fact that my vendor had several RMA machines on hand but chose to manipulate me into ordering a new one is bad business and I’m truly upset about it. I feel like the company cheated me into a new machine. WHY?? I’m a good, cash paying, pro Form Labs client.

At this point, I’d like a resolution.

So sad… kindly help me out here.


have you contacted the Formlabs support team?

seems to me you can have the vendor refund your money and pay for the return shipping of the ‘new’ machine.


Hi Sculptingman, I have contacted the FL team and they’ve replied properly. They seem willing to get to the bottom of the issue, so I’m hopeful.

If you know of a way to get a refund from a Thai company, I’m all ears. With regards to CRM, sometimes folks on this side of the world operate in the dark ages.


oh- well the one way to get a refund from a Thai company is to keep that money in your wallet.
I once bought 55 gallons of clear laquer from a chinese company- and the container full of product we painted it on all turned kelly green in transit.

Not only had they cut it with some random chemical they had on hand that was cheaper- it turned out my own buyer had conspired with the guy to jack up the price and split the overcharge with the vendor.

The vendor didn’t even lose face- because when I called to read him the riot act- I was in the States and it was NOT face to face.

So glad my Asian product development years are well behind me…


Please keep us updated. I’d be interested in knowing what FormLabs does.
At a minimum, they can withdraw the vendors wholesale account/access and given the circumstance, seems a prudent gesture.


The FormLabs Singapore office has stepped in, did an excellent distilling the problem into its fundamentals and settled the issue.

Still a huge FL fanboy!


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